Social Networking and the Gift Economy

I just created a new blog focused on the economy, especially the monetary system, and possible alternatives. Here is my first post. If you are interested give me a follow! 🙂 Love you guys!

Such Is Life

To say the internet has revolutionized the social sphere is an understatement. The way we relate to friends, family, and even perfect strangers is constantly being shaped by a new era of instant, seamless interaction on a scale never before seen. Your new t-shirt or invigorating chai tea can instantly be “shared” with a few close friends or thousands, even millions of people around the world. Before Facebook, one would have needed to be a well known television host to have such a platform. Now a bit of charisma and luck can produce similar levels of exposure.

The realization of socioeconomic potentials latent in this emerging technology will depend primarily upon our willingness to reimagine what is possible in the realm of human interaction and organization. In order to innovate we must reassess the value of current concepts in economic thought and determine how they relate to the new structural…

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